quarta-feira, outubro 04, 2017

meu mundo solitário

Due to our fleeing existence,
the concept of belonging seems so vain...
Like sand running through our fingers,
everything in this life is an ephemeral illusion.

Such mass effort to survive and thrive.
Can you see we're not going anywhere?
The Universe doesn't need us.
It will end just like it started.
Utter Nothingness.

I had long talks with thousands of people. Shared charming moments with some of them. Consulted psychologists. Brainstormed with life coaches. Watched Shamans prescribe their cosmical advice. I travelled halfway across our Planet. Breathed amazing landscapes, ingested different cultures, hugged strangers like they were another myself. I lived astonishing coincidences that made me believe in a higher force. Sometimes felt realization using my brain. Others, using my body. The strength of narcissism, the beauty of selfness. For a minute there I felt true love and like there was something bigger feeding on it, that the rotation of the Universe depended on it.
I'm grateful for such a blessed existence.

I have no idea what is expected from Us or what's the point of all of this.
My experiences somehow collide with my vision,
I'm drawn by intensity. I want more action, more knowledge.
I keep being remembered to not want so much.
To learn to let go, to let it flow,
to just Be.

sexta-feira, setembro 22, 2017

faça desse drama a sua hora

that chapter is over..
I understand life, now.
I understand the Universe.
I understand Time.
I am bigger than the meat shell that surrounds me.
I am a White World Bridger.
I am in this life to make people connect. 
this life is about death and rebirth.
we're not meant to be forever but only the time it takes to learn the lesson.

Ten years

My last ten years were about release.
Release from You.
From all the regret. From all the expectations.

release from the Self.

It's so hard.
Sometimes I get it.
There are times when I'm able to withdraw this dark hole of selfishness
and become a being through which the universal light shines.

The return is intense.
I learnt that there's no correct way to Be.
I can forgive my Self and move on with kindness.

sábado, fevereiro 27, 2016

cada dono de boteco te sorri agradecido

as I give my best to you
I'm sure we are living a beautiful moment.
I end up being the one who's enjoying the most
since it's just my best, not yours.
It may hurt to admit it but I have nothing more to give
and all I can do is hope that, one day, I'll find some one who appreciates
me. for myself.

domingo, fevereiro 21, 2016

in the waiting line

sentados com as pernas suspensas sobre cidade
lembrei-me que não é necessário ir ao deserto
para ter um momento que dura uma vida

domingo, novembro 29, 2015

this world

the first time we kissed,
there was a blast of bright light
that expanded from under the desert stars
all the way across the universe
and, with that, the balance of the cosmos was restored.

Nothing was ever the same
but the event had a particular effect on us.
Although we both somehow knew we were fulfilling our destiny at that moment
the release was too strong for our weak physical existences.

quinta-feira, novembro 19, 2015

she could set me free

dou por mim
thinking so many times
em ti que não consigo deixar
believing that we are somehow
ligados. que também pensas em mim.
or that I'm just crazy. without
confirmação, nem de um lado
nor the other.

quinta-feira, outubro 06, 2011

the drugs don't work

navegas nas nuances do teu Futuro convencido que seguras o leme
mas acabas por seguir para onde a corrente te leva.

waiting on a angel

estou contigo. conversamos felizes. beijo-te muito delicadamente. sinto algo bastante intenso.
Acordo. não estás aqui. estás a milhares de quilómetros. e nunca foste minha.
estás a pensar em mim? sinto que estamos ligados. tens algo especial.
quero estar contigo. quero que sintas o mesmo. sentes esta magia?
Levanto-me. percebo o ridículo. não pensas em mim. o teu mundo é outro.

terça-feira, setembro 27, 2011

Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya E Ma Ho!

From the East
House of Light
May Wisdom dawn in us so that we may
See all things in Clarity

From the North
House of Night
May Wisdom ripen in us so that we may
Know All from Within

From the West
House of Transformation
May Wisdom be transformed into Right Action so that we may
Do what must be Done

From the South
House of the Eternal Sun
May Right Action reap the Harvest so that we may
Enjoy the Fruits of Planetary Being

From Above
House of Heaven
Where star people and ancestors gather, may
Their Blessings come to us Now

From Below
House of Earth
May the Heartbeat of her Crystal Core
Bless us with Harmonies to
End all war

From the Centre
Galactic Source
Which is everywhere at Once
May everything be Known as the Light of Mutual Love

quinta-feira, fevereiro 24, 2011

my friends

procuro por razões válidas
em vez de me questionar o que realmente sinto.
vivencio mil pessoas e consigo ser egotista o suficiente
para ignorar aquilo que preciso e, pior,
o que as pessoas próximas de mim precisam.
O que é uma alma?, E como recupero a minha?